Royal Military College of Canada

A “university with a difference,” the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) is a full degree-granting university that caters to three distinct academic groups. First, RMC educates and trains on-campus students for careers as commissioned officers in the Canadian Armed Forces. The following RMC degrees (Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science (Honours), Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Engineering) consist of four interlocking pillars: Academics, Military, Physical Fitness and Bilingualism, each of which is incorporated throughout the formal and informal elements of the RMC programme. Second, the college provides university education at a distance to hundreds of military and civilian members of the Department of National Defence and the Federal Government. Third, RMC is equally proud of its unique and well-respected graduate programs in the arts, science, and in engineering, open to both military and civilian students.

Limited enrolment in the on-campus and graduate programs is maintained through a competition of eligible applicants. Education is free for most on-campus undergraduates because of commitments of military service following graduation; these Naval and Officer Cadets also receive an additional monthly salary. Through the distance education programs, RMC prides itself in offering flexible schedules for students with career and family commitments, accessible courses and degrees, and academic credit for appropriate military and professional experience.

Serving Canada and Canadians since 1876, RMC has placed its graduates not only in military service, but also in government, business, and the professions. Almost without exception, the alumni of RMC are found in positions of leadership and responsibility.

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Full-time (undergraduates)

Full-time (graduates)

Part-time (undergraduates)

Part-time (graduates)

Source: Royal Military College of Canada (2023 rounded preliminary fall enrolment)