What is Universitystudy.ca?

Universitystudy.ca is published by Universities Canada, a national organization representing 97 public and private not-for-profit universities and university degree-level colleges. The information found on this website is compiled by Universities Canada staff in cooperation with member universities and regional university associations in Canada.

The university profiles on this site are generally written in the working language or languages of each university. Bilingual universities and universities where students are allowed to write papers, examinations and theses in either French or English will have profile information in both languages.

Universitystudy.ca offers a single starting point for anyone looking for information on university study in Canada. The association has long been a key source of information about Canadian higher education. It has published information online since the early days of the Web. Much of the information contained in universitystudy.ca was previously available as an integral part of the Universities Canada website.