The most important thing other than getting into your program is obtaining your study permit. Apart from some special circumstances, you will need a study permit to study in Canada. To apply for your permit, you must have been accepted by a school, college, university or other educational institution in Canada, and must be able to provide proof that:

  • You have sufficient funds to cover tuition, living expenses, transportation and other costs while you are living in Canada (bank statements, proof of scholarship, parental bank statements, etc.);
  • You are a law-abiding citizen and do not have a criminal record (police check from your country of residence);
  • You are in good health (medical records);
  • You will leave Canada once you have completed your studies.

Remember to apply for your permit as much in advance as possible. If you arrive in Canada without your study permit you may not be allowed to enter the country. It is also wise to consult the Immigration Canada website, in case there are any changes to the law, or any other things you have to consider before entering Canada.

When you apply for your study permit, you are asked to provide proof of monetary support, such as parental support, company sponsorship or another form of financing -­ this can include scholarships, which a number of international students use as a way for paying for their education. Ideally, you should apply and get confirmation of your funding before applying for your permit, as you don’t want to get rejected due to a lack of funding.